188bet手机登录 高中英语广播稿一:高中英语广播稿

Dear teachers and schoolmates,

Cantabile sport, but there is no timeletone. You do not know when it would play, when will it drop; sports such as tender round, but there is no change of direction, you do not know when to go, when to stay,

In this down, back and forth, stop-and-go, the life will be filled with no regrets, filled with touching. Your life will be sweet brilliant!

Athletes, when you ride in the sports arena, you will conquer the others, you will conquer its own. Station no longer that hard before the starting line, that is, the moment of succeyou dream of. Yes, there is a lot of far-fetched dreams, but dreams can come true. Has broken Krylov said: "At this side of reality, the ideal at the other side, acrothe middle of the river rapids. Efforts to frame action is on a bridge in Sichuan." From the reality on this side and reach the other side of the ideal, focusing on efforts to focus on confidence. , and that more should be the spirit of our athletes.

Eagle belong to the blue sky, white water belong to the sea, while our athletes are belong to the grass. It is hoped that the place up, it will be come a stage win. Sports athletes are confident that when you fight for the dream, in order to win time and sweat, but also for the glory of our liuyang eight.

Undoubtedly, in this highly competitive sports arena, there is succethere is failure, it ran a successful flower-hyun rotten, and the failure of the snow is also lovely. Same winds will favor, in fact, everyone wants to glory, but someone afraid of magma emitted burn themselves, select run, on the successful selection, they chose the injured; select high jump, on the win at select when they select a fall. When the mussels force by pregnancy after suffering a dazzling crystal pearl, when the athletes are going through a painful after the creation of an astonishing score. Clare said: "The people are some kind of faith in order to live." Hearts there is hope that

Only the hearts of the road, has the hearts of the road will be down at the foot. Athletes, when you with the ideal and the sweat, through the painful Ze Chao will find a bright road.

Will become exhausted, only to struggle a turn for the better, life will become humble and the great tragic. Sport athletes. We have seen, through the sweat of your crystal, we have seen in eight liuyang hope that you crossed the Pentium pace, we see hope, hope to see tomorrow.

Travel, life does not return this stadium.

Wild. NOT back to life in this stadium.

Touched, your spirit of sport. courage.


Dear teachers and schoolmates,

May I have your attention please? I have an announcement to make.

Do you interested in Space?In order to help us learn more about China Spaceflight, Professor Li Bo from Peking University will give us a report.He will talk about the developing of China's Spaceflight.We can know how the Spaceflight surface and the history from him.And we can learn abolut ShenZhou spaceshipe and our hero astronaut.It's a very pretty opportunity for us to learn,so ,Don't miss this chance.

The report will be held on Thursday, the fifth of January . it will begin at 2:30 pm in.


Dear teachers and schoolmates,

Do you know the name has crossed the finish, behind you still desperate ran toward the end, running, and tight face, tightly clenched hands. Failure, for you, perhaps is the most brutal punishment, the hope is shattered. How many efforts unacceptable, drain in a flash?

But you don't give up, you vigorous figure in the Olympic spirit, determination of burning eyes of flame, perform duties of an athlete! In your efforts strive, we are proud of you, as you moved, you with your strong will finish your mission, we will work for you, you are wearing MEDALS our hero!